Aqua Doctor Tehnology

Our Technology

A well-cared for pool looks great, uses less energy, is healthy, fun, easy to maintain, and lasts a long time. Our technicians are highly trained and we use the latest technologies to ensure the healthy and smooth operation of your pool.  Our customers know that they can count on Aqua Doctor to provide guidance and education regarding the most cost effective and energy efficient pool solutions. 

Mobile Chemistry Labs:  All of our service vehicles are equipped with state of the art computerized chemistry labs so your water can be tested, and if need be, immediately adjusted with one visit. 

Automated Control Systems and Remote Access:  Hand held control pads allow pool owners to adjust temperature, lighting, water features, cleaning cycles and other pool features from the comfort of home.  Many of our systems also include built-in routers with the option to monitor and adjust your system remotely. 

Salt-based Chlorine Generators:  Electrolytic chlorine generation uses common table salt to safely produce chlorine for your pool, in your pool.  In addition to the convenience of this approach (no more expensive chlorine tablets and compounds), salt-based chlorine generation also makes your pool water more comfortable and pleasant; say goodbye to stinging eyes and irritated skin! 

Multi-Speed and Variable Speed Pumps:  Reduce energy costs up to 90% by installing multi-speed pumps that intelligently use only the necessary energy for any given function.  Older pumps only run at one speed regardless of the operation and they are frequently overpowered and inefficient.  Annual savings on a typical residential pool range from $800-$1800 per year. 

Automatic Covers:  With a push of a button, an automatic cover can help save energy and chemicals, keep your pool cleaner, make your pool safer, and extend the life of your equipment. 

Real-time data and your pool history at our fingertips:  Aqua Doctor's proprietary software and field-access link allows our technicians to access up to the minute data regarding your pool's historic and current operation. Our customers are also able to log-in to view water quality reports, chemical usage, service history and make service or repair requests.

"If Isaac recommends something I have him install it. Every recommendation has made my pool and hot tub easier to use and more beautiful and efficient..."

- Troy, Livingston, NJ

"Construction and start up was smooth, on time, and with no surprises."

- Raymond, Bernardsville NJ

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