About Aqua Doctor

About Aqua Doctor

Aqua Doctor's founder and president, Isaac Keselman, is considered to be one of New Jersey's leading swimming pool experts.  Pool industry manufacturers, insiders and consumers alike seek Aqua Doctor's expertise on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Extensive Experience

Founded intially as a pool service company, Aqua Doctor was frequently asked by clients during service visits to solve pool problems created by other pool service and construction companies.  Aqua Doctor became so good at fixing problems created by other pool builders that it became a no-brainer to start building our own pools.  We build top-quality pools and we stand behind our work.     

Extensive experience, the latest technological innovations, and a thorough work ethic give Aqua Doctor its reputation as the first choice in swimming pool construction, renovation and service.  Aqua Doctor is built on the simple core belief that doing a job right the first time is the best way to do business.  Our clients have been enjoying the benefits of our work ethic for nearly 20 years, and our new clients are given the same treatment from day one. 

Your pool is our priority.

Aqua Doctor started as a pool service company and we take care of all of the pools that we build.  We know that once a construction or renovation project is complete, simple and efficient maintenance is a homeowner priority.  It is our priority too. 

"Construction and start up was smooth, on time, and with no surprises."

- Raymond, Bernardsville NJ

"I would be hard pressed to find any other companies who work to such an exacting detail..."

- Mr. Saltzman, Meyco

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